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VIDEO: College Station Mayor's 'Howdy Muschamp' Clip Fires Back At Florida Coach's Remarks

We assume a memo went out to existing SEC members last month that it was necessary to start hazing newcomers Texas A&M and Mizzou to an annoying but ultimately harmless end - think a 1960s boarding school (no, not that one) - lots of name-calling, towel-snapping and grab ass tomfoolery in general.

Will Muschamp told a group of Florida boosters that the city of College Station sucked, pulling out the requisite "crappy town" barb when referencing any land grant ag school. College Station mayor Nancy Berry took umbrage enough to make the following video response, replete with unsettling Photoshop images and threats of.... a gift basket?

Damn, maybe the hazing does serve a purpose:

It's all in good fun, except for that one "yell leader" Photoshop, which is frightening (WHAT MOTION IS HE MAKING) on multiple levels.

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