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VIDEO: Texas A&M Is Just Showing Good Manners To The SEC, You Snarky Heathens

That's right - go ahead and make fun of an earnest goodwill gesture from SEC newcomer Texas A&M, your salt-of-the-earth new neighbors. You think the clip below is too "nice?" Then clearly you, condescending SEC fan, have forgotten the decorum of Southern manners: All compliments and tidings of goodwill are both double-edged and backhanded .

Act like y'all haven't watched "Steel Magnolias" in a minute - showing up with a plate of pecan sandies ain't nothing but an excuse to check out your neighbor's ugly new living room furniture:

Anyone south of the Mason-Dixon who's regularly attended a Wednesday night covered dish church dinner is keenly aware of the sarcasm-tinged derision just below the surface A&M's clip. Of course they're showing up with an homage of the current members' chants and cheers, and they JUST LOVE that wallpaper in your powder room, too.

Don't flatter yourselves: As the outtakes clearly show, the Aggies could could give a damn about just what the hell "Hotty Toddy" means or why there's a damn "Z" involved in Missouri. And "Roll Tide" MAKES NO SENSE.

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