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Texas A&M, 'Devastated' By Negative Reaction, Removes SEC Traditions Video

See, we told y'all how rude you acted: The Texas A&M social media team behind that now very infamous "welcome" video is said to be "devastated" by the general negative reaction spewed forth since the clip's debut, so much so that the university has removed the clip from YouTube (although proxies still exist, as well as a few parodies).

Courtesy of Texas Ags, the matter was discussed with Texas A&M VP of marketing and communications Jason Cook (comments summarized by Texas Ags):

They missed the mark on the SEC traditions video. The A&M social media team was devastated by the reaction to it. The intent was to show how A&M was excited to be in the SEC and learn the traditions of other schools in the conference. They posted it in the afternoon with initially positive feedback. As the day continued, the reactions took a turn for the worst and they opted to take the down the video at 11:30 p.m.

Well, we hope you're all happy with yourselves. Not even a full week as official members and you've already made them cry.

Feigned outrage aside, we don't really agree with removing the clip. It's out there, in all its good-hearted, earnest glory, so you might as well let that sucker ride. Besides, it's nowhere near as stupid as this. And yes, it really has been less than a week, and a week in July. A thicker skin - like, chain mail level rough - would be advised for the long haul.

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