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Kevin Sumlin Accuses Florida Players Of 'Flopping' Against Texas A&M

Texas A&M Aggies coach Kevin Sumlin spent Tuesday talking to the media about what he didn't like from his team's performance Saturday in a loss to Florida. He also took a shot at the Florida Gators for what he seems to have felt were theatrics on the field. Per A&M writer Brent Zwerneman:

Sumlin said his team appeared in good shape in the opener against Florida and "it wasn’t our team flopping around on the field in the second half." I asked him if the Gators’ "flopping around" was because of conditioning or something else. "You were there," he responded.

Sumlin didn't specify a particular player or play in the game, although the phrasing seems to imply that the coach wasn't talking about flopping in its normally used sports sense - players exaggerating injuries or contact to draw fouls against another team - but rather conditioning. Florida did have a number of players suffer cramps in the game Saturday.

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