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Johnny Manziel Leads Texas A&M, While Garrett Gilbert Sputters

So far, Texas A&M redshirt freshman quarterback Johnny Manziel is showing signs of a potentially good quarterback for the Aggies. There's necessary caution not to overreact to his lights out performance against an SMU defense that hardly resembles anything in the SEC, but we saw him get the job done with his feet and his arm.

Manziel looked like an experienced player, even though again, he was facing the Mustangs' defense. Still, his poise is nothing to sleep on at this point.

Did Manziel struggle to get the Aggies offense moving late against Florida last week? Sure. Could a performance like this (20-36 on passing attempts for 294 yards and four touchdowns, 13 rushes for 124 yards and a pair of TDs) against a far inferior team boost Manziel's confidence level even higher than it already is? I think so.

Texas A&M Vs. SMU: Aggies Crush Mustangs, 48-3

Then consider the Aggies going against South Carolina State next week. Manziel is almost sure to have a great game in that one, which leads into the matchup against Arkansas the following week. The Razorbacks are going to get a Manziel that played solid against Florida, incredible against SMU and likely just as good against S.C. State.

So the path is really set for him to do well.

Garrett Gilbert on the other hand? The man can't get right. It's one thing to be outmatched in terms of the weapons you have against the weapons you're fighting against, but Gilbert, an experienced quarterback with the Longhorns for better or worse, did not seem like he belonged on the field with the Mustangs, much less the Aggies.

I want to say it will be interesting to see how Gilbert's career unfolds with SMU, but I'd be lying and there's really no need for that.

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