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Kevin Sumlin: Johnny Manziel Must Improve For SEC Play

Freshman quarterback Johnny Manziel has had a solid start to his career at Texas A&M, putting in good performances to start off the season. He even set an Aggies record for freshman quarterbacks when he put up 294 yards and four touchdowns on SMU during Texas A&M's 48-3 drubbing of the Mustangs.

Head coach Kevin Sumlin was impressed, but knows that Manziel won't be able to get away with that much against SEC competition:

But Sumlin & Co. also know the Kerrville Tivy ex won’t be able to scoot around against much swifter SEC defenses as much as he did against SMU, why the coach also pointed out that Manziel is working on keeping his eyes down field instead of just scrambling (see Florida in a 20-17 A&M loss the week before).

Manziel had a good but not great game in the opener for A&M against the Florida Gators in their first ever SEC match, putting up 23-of-30 passes for 173 yards.

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