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South Carolina State Vs. Texas A&M 2012: Aggies Fans React to Blowout Win

What do you do when your team wins 70-14 over a hopelessly overmatched opponent? If you're SB Nation Texas A&M blog Good Bull Hunting, you start with the quarterback, and you stay positive:

Here is Johnny Manziel's stats through his only half of play on Saturday night: 15-20 174 yards 3 touchdowns passing and 78 yards rushing on 8 carries and two more touchdowns. More highlights. More long scrambles for big gains. More awkward passes over the middle. One nice 30 yard touchdown down the middle to Kenric McNeal while standing strong in the pocket. We got everything and more tonight.

The reaction wasn't universally positive, though. The offensive line came up for criticism:

A lot of people considered this offensive line to be one of the best in the country entering the season. Let's get real here. It's not. Not even close. This isn't the same Jim Turner coached group. They are in a new system and doing some things they aren't comfortable with yet. They are too slow off the line and the double teams are spending too much time playing around with defensive lineman before advancing to the second level to take on a linebacker to make the running play pop.

Texas A&M hosts Arkansas next week.

For more on the Aggies, be sure to check out Good Bull Hunting, and for updates on the Houston sports scene, stay tuned to SB Nation Houston.

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