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Arkansas vs. Texas A&M: Plenty to like from Saturday's game

The Texas A&M Aggies struggled early on defense, but ultimately crushed the Arkansas Razorbacks on Saturday.

Ronald Martinez - Getty Images

Arkansas managed to put up over 500 yards of offense on Saturday, thanks to 373 yards passing from quarterback Tyler Wilson and a combined 142 yards on the ground. Despite those relatively high stats, they were absolutely crushed by Texas A&M, 58-10. Quaterback Johnny Manziel threw for 453 yards and had 104 yards on the ground all on his own, eclipsing Arkansas' strong day when it came to yardage.

SB Nation's blog for the Aggies, Good Bull Hunting, had plenty of positives in the game, and one specific point of focus was on the defense and its propensity to bend, but not break:

They only gave up 10 points and senior safety Steven Terrell had two interceptions. It was ugly early -- missed tackles on the perimeter, wide running lanes, and Tyler Wilson with all day to throw. But that changed in the second quarter as Mark Snyder started mixing up his blitzes. That put pressure on Tyler Wilson just enough to change the play of the Arkansas offense.

It's definitely a good point, given that 500-plus yards of offense usually translates to multiple scores, but the only touchdown of the day for the Razorbacks was a 64-yard touchdown pass from Wilson to Knile Davis in the first quarter. Arkansas actually held the lead in the first, as their only other score of the day, a Zach Hocker 26-yard field goal, came just before the start of the second.

Plenty of other positives were touched up on, like Manziel's record-breaking day, and the fact that the Aggies were able to continue strong in the third quarter despite their struggles in the frame in the past. They also touch up on momentum how the Aggies have it now following their first SEC win.

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