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NCAA investigates Myck Kabongo Cleveland trip paid for by Cavs' Tristan Thompson

Cavaliers guard Tristan Thompson admitted he financed Texas guard Myck Kabongo's trip to Cleveland, a trip under scrutiny by the NCAA. Thomas says Kabongo's brother paid him back.

Jamie Squire - Getty Images

Cleveland Cavaliers forward Tristan Thompson admitted to paying for Texas guard Myck Kabongo to travel to Cleveland earlier this year, but he was reimbursed by Kabongo's brother, according to a Cleveland Plain-Dealer report.

Yahoo! Sports previously reported Rich Paul, an agent for Miami Heat forward LeBron James, is under investigation by the NCAA for providing improper benefits to Kabongo.

The incident allegedly under investigation is the trip Kabongo made to train with Jerry Powell, who allegedly made calls to NBA front offices on Kabongo's behalf this year.

Thompson and Kabongo were high school teammates at St. Benedict's Prepatory School in New Jersey.

According to the Plain-Dealer, Thompson admits he paid for Kabongo's trip but says he didn't violate any rules.

"Did I pay for him? Well, yes and no," Thompson said to the Plain Dealer. "You know, I actually had to pay for it and then had his brother reimburse me, which is totally fine with the NCAA, we discussed that. Again, we want to respect the process. I think everything's going to work out. I don't see no eligibility issues, but that's for the NCAA to work out."

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