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Mack Brown is running out of options at Texas

The Texas Longhorns fell big time to the Oklahoma Sooners again. How much longer can the Bob Stoops-Mack Brown dynamic be tolerated in Austin?

Tom Pennington - Getty Images

How many of you stopped watching the Texas-Oklahoma game around 20-2 because you already knew how the story would end? You're not alone. As it was pointed out at our Longhorns' blog Burnt Orange Nation, across the 13 games between Mack Brown and Bob Stoops, the Oklahoma coach has almost the same number of blowout ass whippings of Texas as Brown has total wins over OU.

For a Longhorn fan, it's painful to acknowledge that the Sooners are running a big brother complex over the Horns, through it's coaching matchup most notably. And it leaves us wondering what else to really expect from the Mack Brown era. Saturday marked four blowout victories for OU over Texas with Brown and the helm.

He's still living off the legend of Vince Young, which hasn't been able to save him from the mediocrity that surrounds those rare Big 12 championship and the lone national title. The level of expectation at Texas is as high as it is for a reason.

Here's Bomani Jones, a Longhorns fan growing up, with thoughts on the Texas coaching gig:

Texas is in a conference that it owns off the field, but it has only won its football championship twice in Brown's 14 full seasons. Its coaching job -- with the program's tradition, access to money and fertile recruiting grounds -- is the most attractive in America. Saturday's debacle at the Cotton Bowl may have been the domino to start the most intriguing coaching search of the Internet Era.

What else can Brown really do? As Bomani noted, Texas has already seen overhauls to its philosophies on offense and changes in other leadership positions as well. Mack Brown is running out of options, and it seems like the Longhorns can get used to being Oklahoma's little brother as long as the Stoops-Brown dynamic exists.

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