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TCU vs. Texas 2012: Quarterback play problematic for Longhorns

Case McCoy and David Ash both played anemically against the TCU Horned Frogs, and Burnt Orange Nation is showing concern.

Cooper Neill

BCS hopes were dashed for the Texas Longhorns on Thanksgiving when they fell 20-13 to the TCU Horned Frogs in a re-match of a very old school college football rivalry. Plenty went wrong for the Horns in the loss, but their anemic offense - led by two less than effective quarterbacks - was probably the biggest offender. TCU, a school known for their great defensive performances in the past few seasons, stifled just about every attempt that the Longhorns made to get anywhere near the end zone.

David Ash and Case McCoy swapped places a few times throughout the game, but neither player looked like the guy who would be leading the Longhorns to glory on Turkey Day.

That is a worrying trend, according to Longhorns blog Burnt Orange Nation. With McCoy being stuck into games at the quickest sign of adversity, it isn't leading to as much playing time for Ash as the young field general probably deserves:

"On some level, it's frustrating that the Texas coaching staff isn't giving the starter a chance to work through his problems with the quick trigger for McCoy, as Ash is clearly the future and defines the upside of the program moving forward.

"Perhaps that upside isn't as significant as it can sometimes appear when the offense is creating big plays through the play-action game and McCoy is the safety valve for Mack Brown, but it the take here is that Texas has to roll with Ash at some point, because there's no way that McCoy is the quarterback that can take this team to a BCS game or the national championship."

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