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2012 Bracketology: Texas Longhorns Need To Win In Kansas City To Get To NCAA Tournament

Texas Longhorns need to show selection committee they deserve a spot in the NCAA tournament.

The Texas Longhorns are not in a favorable position to back their way into an NCAA Tournament, as the sixth seed in the Big 12 Conference tournament, facing No. 3-seed Iowa State on Thursday.

Even though the Longhorns won two of their last three regular season games, with the final loss coming to top-ranked Kansas, the selection committee is at least going to want to see Texas beat Iowa State before letting this 19-12 team in the big dance.

As Burnt Orange Nation pointed out, Texas has a chance to play its way into the NCAA Tournament through the conference tournament in Kansas City, or the Longhorns can play their way out of the tournament.

You can find the full bracket here from SB Nation college basketball expert Chris Dobbertean posted early Monday morning.

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