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Big 12 News: ADs 'Committed' To 10 Members, Against Expansion Rumors

Despite rumors running rampant this past month regarding potential expansion, it appears that the Big 12's athletic directors are happy with 10 institutions in the conference -- at least publicly. Chuck Neinas, acting commissioner of the Big 12, addressed the media following the first day of the Big 12 meetings, and said this regarding expansion:

That's certainly one way to quell rumors about expansion.

Throughout the past month, various sources have linked Florida State, Miami, Georgia Tech, Clemson and even Notre Dame to the Big 12. Clemson's Board of Trustees even met over the past week and decided they would be open to offers from other conferences, essentially asking the Big 12 to invite them.

Unfortunately for Clemson, it looks like that interest is not currently reciprocated by the Big 12.

Plenty can change between now and the end of the summer, and a lot very well might change, especially once the new playoff format is decided upon. Things could change once Bob Bowlsby takes over as Big 12 commissioner in June as well, but for now, it looks like the Big 12 is happy with 10.

For more on the Big 12 and potential expansion, be sure to check out SB Nation Houston all summer long.

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