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Texas Tech Really, Really Doesn't Want You To Watch The Longhorn Network (Really)

If you thought Texas A&M's defection to the SEC ended the throes of state-wide butthurt over The Longhorn Network, ESPN and Texas' joint vanity project, you would be wrong. Texas Tech threatened to cancel a game this coming season rather than have it air on LHN.

The contest against new FBS member Texas State was considered for LHN because TSU's new conference, the WAC, considered LHN a viable ESPN network in accordance with their TV agreement. Texas Tech thought not, and went so far as threatening to buy the game out and only play 11 contests this season. Huzzah for righteous indignation, and your move, Aggies!

Rather than advance tensions and press for a stalemate in what could've been the nastiest example of the poison television contracts inject into college sports, Chip Brown of Orange Bloods is reporting that Texas and LHN have relented, and won't air the game. Boo.

Lesson: It's not just the barren topography and ever-lingering depression that Lubbock shares with Stalinist Russia, but also political theory.

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