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TJ Ford Tweets About Making A Comeback, Says Mind Is Playing Tricks On Him

TJ Ford's professional career was disheartening for Houston natives that root for other Houston natives to do big things in their respective careers. As most of us know, Ford is a local legend for his career at Willowridge High School, and he may have been the single most significant thing to happen to Longhorns basketball in 30 years or so (not Rick stinkin Barnes).

Ford's professional career was plagued by injuries and medical conditions he suffered, particularly his back and spinal cord. But he's been tweeting about a comeback and basketball is apparently on his mind:

It would of course be nice to see a rejuvenated and healthy TJ Ford return to the hardwood, even though what would've have been his best days are certainly already behind him. Rooting for a Houston great and hoping he finds comfort in whatever he does from here.

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