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Texas vs. Oklahoma State final: Longhorns escape with 41-36 win

The Cowboys would take a 33-28 lead in the fourth quarter, using an effective option offense to run the ball down the field and capped by a Joseph Randle 2-yard touchdown run. The Longhorns answered by sticking to the basics, running on eight-of-nine plays on the next drive, going 75 yards for the go-ahead touchdown.

Quinn Sharp's 24-yard field goal would give Oklahoma State a 36-34 lead with just over two minutes remaining, yet David Ash would lead the Longhorns down the field for the go-ahead touchdown on Joe Bergeron's 2-yard rush.

Box Score Hero: It may have been in a loss, but Joseph Randle's 25-carry, 199-yard, two touchdown game cannot be overlooked.

Rankings Ramifications: Texas may see their No. 12 ranking at risk with such a close win, especially given the struggles of the defense.

But Did They Cover? Texas was favored by just two points in the contest, yet covered with the late touchdown.

Next Week's Schedule:

Oklahoma State: 10/13 @ Kansas

Texas: 10/6 vs. No. 9 West Virginia

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